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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Haughty New Hampshire wants to stay on top

Democrats considering changes in the presidential primary calendar were sent a draft proposal on Thursday that would place one or two caucuses after Iowa and before New Hampshire's leadoff primary.

After New Hampshire, one or two primaries would be scheduled before the calendar is opened to other states, according to several commissioners who have seen the proposal. New Hampshire Democrats promised to vigorously fight such a plan.

The additional caucuses and primaries are intended to include states with more diverse ethnic populations early in the voting. Both Iowa and New Hampshire are predominantly white.


New Hampshire Democrats have protested any move to put additional events before their state. Secretary of State William Gardner said he would look at the commission proposal and decide whether he must move New Hampshire's leadoff primary earlier to comply with state law.
So get this: New Hampshire has a state law that says they have to have the first primary or "similar election" in the nation. It's one of the most asinine displays of arrogance I've ever heard of.

What gives them the right to enjoy all this prestige and political power? How about we pass a law here in Washington State saying our presidential caucus (or primary) has to be at least a week before New Hampshire's?

That New Hampshire law needs to be tossed off the books. It should be challenged in federal court. The caucus and primary system needs a dramatic overhaul so that two states with predominantly white populations (New Hampshire and Iowa) do not get to control who becomes the eventual nominee of the Democratic Party.

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