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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Cantwell praised for blocking Alaska drilling plan

Senator Maria Cantwell's successful efforts to protect the Arctic Wildlife Refuge from being exploited and developed by oil companies have not gone unnoticed by the environmental community.

The League of Conservation Voters has released a statement thanking Senator Cantwell for her tireless work, and for standing up to Alaska Senator Ted Stevens, who is the main proponent of the drilling scheme in the Senate. The LCV's statement:
We applaud Sen. Maria Cantwell for successfully leading the fight to reject this shameful political attempt to allow drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Today's vote to protect the Arctic represents the triumph of democracy over greed. Cynical attempts to hold hostage funds to support our troops, offer relief to hurricane ravaged states and warm the cold, old and poor in order to benefit a select few failed before our eyes.

In addition, Sen. Cantwell's ongoing efforts to prevent unneeded and dirty drilling in our pristine wilderness areas is another example of her commitment to fighting for Washington families and standing up to the big oil companies – because drilling in the Arctic will not lower gas prices or reduce our nation's dependence on foreign oil.

LCV praises those members who stood with the majority of the American people in rejecting this abuse of power and protecting one of our national treasures. And Rest assured, LCV will keep close tabs on those public servants who ignored the wishes of the majority of Americans and sided with big oil special interests.
When Democrats fight, Democrats can win. By refusing to give in, Senator Cantwell has made possible a great victory that once again stops drilling proponents in their tracks. The Arctic Wildlife Refuge is a sacred, special wilderness that should be kept untouched and unharmed. Republicans cannot be allowed to gut this nation's environmental protection laws.

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