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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

BREAKING: Voters oust Jim West

Looks like his political career is over:
Spokane voters ousted Mayor Jim West today, probably ending the political career of one of the longest-serving elected officials in the city’s history.

Preliminary results in the all-mail special election have 65 percent of the ballots marked in favor of the recall, and 35 percent against.

The 59,501 ballots counted represent 54 percent of the 110,589 sent to voters nearly three weeks ago. Ballots will continue to arrive at the elections office for the next several days, but the margin of support for the recall makes it mathematically unlikely that West can reverse the results.


Under state law, West will officially be removed from office on Dec. 16, the day the election results are certified. Council President Dennis Hession will become the mayor pro tem until the council selects a replacement to serve the remaining two years of West’s term.
West's conduct was unbecoming for Mayor of Spokane. That's certainly the message that voters are sending tonight.

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