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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Bill, why do you hate Christmas?

I posted earlier about the "War on Christmas" campaign that people Bill O'Reilly and his cohorts are propogating. They're claiming Christmas is under attack by evil lefties and secularist demons. They're even getting angry at retailers that wish their customers "Happy Holidays".

But guess who else apparently hates Christmas?

Bill O'Reilly.

Combing through his website (O'Reilly's Home on the Internet), I can find dozens of difference "holiday" references. So can you! Go to the home page of the terrorist sympathizer and mouse over the About Bill menu tab (screenshot here). There, you'll see the first item reads:
Recommended Holiday Gifts
Next, try the terrorist sympathizer's store. Right in the middle of the page (image here), under "Bill's Special Deal", you'll find this:
Spin Stops Here Organizer Briefcase
This Spin Stops Here briefcase is marked down for the holidays. Get one now, they won't last at this price.
Now for some real fun. Check out the Holiday Shipping Information page, with the word "holiday" in the page title and on the page - four times:
Holiday Shipping Information [appears twice on the page]
While doing your holiday shopping at, please keep the following dates in mind so you receive your package in time for the holidays
Still more to go! How about the Spin Stops Here Fleece Blanket:
Whether at the stadium or on the couch watching The O'Reilly Factor you'll keep warm in this large (50"x60") stadium-type fleece blanket with the embroidered Spin Stops Here logo. Makes the perfect gift for all the sports & Factor fan on your holiday shopping list.
This one is even better; it comes complete with its own grammatical error:
Spin Stops Here Tin filled with Soft Mint Puffs
Description: A great gift idea for Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa or anyone else on you holiday gift list. After the last candy is gone, they'll still have a great tin with the logo of their favorite show.
Finally...saved some of the best for last. These are excerpts from a commentary written by Bill in 2002 (again, link goes to his website):
So, how are you fixed for cash this holiday season? Are you in debt like most Americans? According to the American Bankruptcy Institute, a fun place to work, the average debt for every man, woman, and child in the USA is six thousand bucks each, and that excludes any mortgage obligation.


And so it is the holiday season and the tax geese are getting fat. Would you please put a penny in Mayor Mike's hat? If you haven't got a penny, a half penny will do. And if you haven't got a half penny - you are pretty much like everyone else in America - $6,000 bucks in the hole.
Help me deck the halls - help search the terrorist sympathizer's website for more holiday references!

Lastly - So, after seeing all this, I just have one question for O'Reilly:

Bill, why do you hate Christmas?

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