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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

710 KIRO host Mike Webb arrested

BlatherWatch has the story:
KIROAM radio talk host Mike Webb was arraigned at 8:30 this morning, booked for Fraudulant Insurance Claim and taken into custody, according to Dan Donohoe, spokesman for the King County Prosecuting Attorney Office.

Bail was set at $5060.


In papers filed Dec. 5 in King Co. Superior Court, and obtained by BlatherWatch, KIRO talk host Mike Webb (9p-1a) was charged with the crime of Fraudulent Insurance Claim in an alleged $5982 scam against a car insurance company.

According to the Court's Superform, Michael Kenneth Webb, 50, KIRO Radio Talk Show Host and a Virgo, is also the subject in an investigation of forgery.

The papers were gleaned from public court records. Charges were generated after an accident June 28 involving Webb in his black 2000 Lexus GS-3 and his alleged subsequent dealings with GEICO.

A Certification For Determination of Probable Cause describes in detail the fruits of the investigation by Seattle Police Detective Randal Woolery and GEICO investigator Bill Brown that led to the criminal charges against the flamboyant talk host.

An order directing the issuance of an arrest warrant for Webb was filed; it was ordered he be released on his personal recognizance, although on Dec. 14, bail was increased to $5650.
This is probably the end of Mike Webb on 71O KIRO, the station will likely dump him. Maybe now they can get a real progressive to take his place.

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