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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Today is Election Day....Please Vote

Today is the Super Bowl of Politics and Civic Responsibility - General Election Day, 2005. If you're a registered voter and you haven't yet voted, please do so, whether you go to the polls or receive your ballot in the mail.

If you are not registered and you are eligible, you should register to vote immediately so you can vote in the next election. If you decide to vote by absentee, your ballot will always come to you. This is handy, especially during special elections when you might forget there is an election. Like a school board levy measure in a February special election.

As you know, NPI has been releasing its endorsements over the past few weeks. Here's our list of endorsements again so you know our positions:

Initiative 912 - A resounding NO
Gee, ya think? We've been campaigning against this from Day One. Since the end of July, posters to this blog had posted well over 100 posts against Initiative 912. That's an average of more than one post per day. So, like the P-I, we've essentially been doing a daily crusade against I-912 too - except ours was much longer. Just to remind you the consequences of passing 912, I'm reposting the links to our Disaster Picture of the Week series:

It's very simple: Just vote NO on I-912.

Our positions on the other initiatives:
  • Initiative 900 - NO
  • Initiative 901 - YES
  • Initiative 330 - NO
  • Initiative 336 - YES
Moving on to our endorsements for King County Executive and Council:
  • Executive: RON SIMS
  • 1st District: Bob Ferguson
  • 2nd District: Larry Gossett
  • 3rd District: No endorsement
  • 4th District: Larry Phillips
  • 5th District: Julia Patterson
  • 6th District: No endorsement
  • 7th District: Geni Hawkins
  • 8th District: Dow Constantine
  • 9th District: Shirley Gaunt Smith
For Port Commission, we endorse:
  • Position #1: Reelect LAWRENCE MOLLOY
  • Position #3: Elect LLOYD HARA
  • Position #4: Elect JACK JOLLEY
For King County Sheriff, we endorse Sue Rahr. We also endorse Susan Randolph Agid and Terry Jurado for reelection to the bench.

For Seattle municipal races, we endorse:
  • City of Seattle Mayor: Greg Nickels (with reservations)
  • Seattle City Council, Position #2: Richard Conlin
  • Seattle City Council, Position #4: Jan Drago
  • Seattle City Council, Position #6: Nick Licata
  • Seattle City Council, Position #8: Richard McIver or Dwight Pelz
  • Seattle Monorail Board, Position 8: Cleve Stockmeyer
  • Seattle Monorail Board, Position 9: Beth Goldberg
For Eastside municipal races, we endorse:
  • Bellevue City Council, Position #2: Vicki Orrico
  • Bellevue City Council, Position #4: John Albertson (with reservations)
  • Redmond City Council, Position #4: Kimberly Allen
  • Mayor of Issaquah: Hank Thomas
  • Sammamish City Council, Position #1: Kathleen Huckaby
We may have a few last minute endorsements to make today, and we'll release those as quickly as we can.

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