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Monday, November 21, 2005

Sony gets itself into big trouble

From the AP:
AUSTIN, Texas -- Sony BMG Music Entertainment's troubles over anti-piracy technology on music CDs deepened Monday as Texas' attorney general and a California-based digital rights group said they were suing the music company under new state anti-spyware laws.

The Texas lawsuit said the so-called XCP technology that Sony BMG had quietly included on more than 50 CD titles leaves computers vulnerable to hackers. Sony BMG had added the technology to restrict to three the number of times a single disc could be copied, but agreed to recall the discs last week after a storm of criticism.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation said Sony BMG needs to further publicize the recall and compensate consumers for costs associated with removing the software, an onerous process. It filed its suit Monday evening in California Superior Court in Los Angeles.
Sony's executives could care less about the millions of people who have purchased their faulty, spyware laden CDs and become victims of Sony's attempt to fight what it sees as piracy.

Several blogs are doing a great job covering developments related to this story, we urge you to check out Mark Russinovich's blog, as well as the Boycott Sony blog and Freedom to Tinker.

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