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Monday, November 07, 2005

Pacific NW Portal to provide special elections coverage tomorrow

Tomorrow evening, Pacific Northwest Portal will provide specal elections coverage LIVE as the results come in. We'll have results for all statewide ballot measures and important local races centrally located on our homepage, along with instant analysis and the mood from the election night parties.

This blog will also be part of the live coverage, but updates here will be less frequent. When something is posted here, it is also likely to be more lengthy.

All other NPI pages or sites (such as the Elections Center or Washington Defense) will direct you here and to the Portal to receive updates. It's just too difficult for us to simaltaneously update lots of different pages.

If you're not planning to head out to a party yourself tomorrow night, we strongly suggest you stay at home close to your computer and keep the Portal open in your browser. We'll also have links to election results from King County and the Secretary of State.

The special LIVE coverage begins tomorrow at 8 PM.

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