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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Pacific NW Portal Late November Update Part 2 Launched

As regular visitors to Pacific Northwest Portal are well aware, we consider our flagship website to be a continual work in progress. We're never content to let it stay just the way it is for too long. We know there's always room for improvement and expansion.

A week and a half ago, we released yet another update in our long (and never ending) series of updates to make the website even better. However, in the time since then, we've discovered we need to make more changes still. So, consider today's minor changes Part 2 of the Late November Update. These are the changes:

First, we have made a syndication change. We are pleased to welcome Middle Earth Journal to the Pacific Northwest Portal front page. It's replacing Basie, which has moved to the Expanded Oregon page (for now).

Second, we have updated the Blogs & Websites directory to include two more blogs, one from Washington and one from Idaho. This brings our grand total up to 212.

Third, we have introduced a new special section to help Northwest residents prepare for winter weather. This comprehensive section covers transportation (road conditions, traffic & commuting, rider alerts, etc.) current weather, snow and ice info, and home preparedness tips (such as how to prevent your pipes from freezing). We hope our readers find this information to be of assistance.

Get an overview of first set of changes (Late November Update Part 1) here.

Those are the changes - not very drastic, but another step forward in the evolution of the Pacific Northwest's online gateway for progressives.

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