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Monday, November 21, 2005

Pacific Northwest Portal Late November Update Launched

As regular visitors to Pacific Northwest Portal are well aware, we consider our flagship website to be a continual work in progress. We're never content to let it stay just the way it is for too long. We know there's always room for improvement and expansion.

Today, we're releasing yet another update in our long (and never ending) series of updates to make the website even better. While this update isn't as significant as prior ones (like last month's Marine Green launch) it is nevertheless another step forward in the evolution of Pacific Northwest Portal.

A quick overview of the changes:

We made a couple of improvements to the Feedback page. We adjusted the page display so it looks better in more browsers. We've also added a "How is it supposed to look" feature to the Knowledge Base. Now you can view a screenshot that we took of the Portal to see how the site is supposed to look when properly displayed. We hope this helps visitors who have display problems.

We also improved the Highlights page...we're now indexing more blogs and Daily Kos diarists. Additionally, we've updated our "NW Blogs of the Month" feature. The new NW Blogs of the month are: Peace Tree Farm, Choosing Hope, Fort Boise, and Another Damp Spot on the Earth. Click the link to learn more about this feature.

On the Resources page, we updated the Drinking Liberally map so it shows you where the existing chapters are. (The old one included some defunct chapters and did not include new ones).

We fixed the local newswires on the Expanded Washington and Oregon pages. Some of the wires were failing to load because the aggregator couldn't find any stories to aggregate. We believe we have resolved the bugs, and the newswires should now be loading properly.

And far, the biggest change is the update to our Regional Blogs directory. Eighteen new blogs have been added, bringing our grand total to 210 blogs listed in the directory. That's a lot of progressive bloggers! There are seven new blogs from Washington, seven from Oregon, two from Idaho, and two from Alaska.

As always, we welcome your feedback. Leave a comment in the thread, or go to our Feedback page to send us a message.

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