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Saturday, November 05, 2005

I-912 supporters seem desperate to win

In recent weeks, I've been putting up dozens upon dozens of our orange and black "NO on 912" signs (pictured below) to get the message out about the importance of defeating Initiative 912.

NO on Initiative 912 Yard Sign Unfortunately, nearly half or about half of the signs I have put up have been taken down. What's interesting is that while our signs have mysteriously disappeared from the locations where they were well hammered into the ground, other campaign signs have stayed up.

Take 148th Avenue NE in Bellevue, for example. I put up three or four signs along that arterial last week. All of them have since vanished. They're nowhere to be seen. They're aren't lying on the median, either. They're just gone.

(And the one Yes on 912 sign I've seen on 148th Ave NE, which has been there for weeks, is still there, in the same spot).

And that's not the only location, either. Signs I've put up in downtown Redmond have disappeared as well. I've replaced some signs as many as four times. Darryl of Hominid Views reported to me that three signs he put up in Montlake - a very progressive area - were all taken down as well.

It is clearly apparent to me that supporters of Initiative 912 are taking down our yard signs in an attempt to stop us. I know, I know - I can't prove it. I haven't got the video footage of people removing our signs.

But why are other campaigns' signs still up? Why do our signs mysteriously vanish, but signs for other campaigns don't? Thinking logically, this is a reasonable conclusion to draw.

Our diamond-shaped yard signs, with their "Safety First" message, have drawn a very positive reaction from people who have seen them. Voters understand the simple message of transportation safety and appreciate it. I-912 supporters are clearly afraid that our signs have an effective message.

It's too bad for them that these signs have already appeared several times during local television newscasts, thanks to our Viaduct Hazard Demonstration. Thousands upon thousands of Washingtonians have now seen them.

If 912 supporters are taking down our yard signs, they must really be concerned that they won't win this fight. They're desperate to win. So much for their talk of this ballot measure passing by ten to fifteen percentage points.

I believe we stand a pretty good chance of defeating I-912. It'll be a close election, and we probably won't know until after Tuesday whether it passes or fails.

We're not done with our signs yet, either. We plan to continue utilizing them right through Election Day. And, unfortunately for I-912 proponents, the signs won't be by themselves. They'll be with the grassroots opposition to I-912.

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