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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I-912 loss saps right wing energy

Right wingers seemed pretty demoralized and downcast last night as the results continued to come in.

One commenter on unSoundPolitics called the election "a nightmare". Another commenter called for the removal of Chris Vance:
It's time to remove Chris Vance.

I'm sick of defeat after defeat. The guy needs to stand for something. We had a good opportunity in I-912 but he caved to big business, who despite their threats, wouldnt have done jack shit if the state party would have promoted a repeal of the gas tax.

Any thoughts on who could replace Vance? Diane Tebelius? Dino Rossi?
Funny, because the state GOP did endorse I-912. Ah, well. This loss is pretty hard on wingnuts. Doesn't seem like they're thinking straight.

Hindu at Sagebrush complained, "Here on the dry side of the state we can go to the pump knowing our hard-earned money will be happily spent by King County bureaucrats."

No - you can go the pump knowing your hard earned money will be spent on projects all over the state to keep you safer while you're on the road.

The double blow of a Sims victory and a I-912 loss is a total morale crusher for the right wing in Washington State. They placed their bets and lost.,

They smugly declared there would be a huge backlash against Christine Gregoire and Ron Sims - but they were wrong. There was no backlash. Sims cruised last night while I-912 flopped.

What does this mean? It means that voters AGREE with the Governor and state legislators. It means we have won one of the greatest victories of all time.

Time to go back to celebrating!

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