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Monday, November 07, 2005

GOP shill Jeff Sax plays dirty

In a desperate attempt to derail the campaign of Snohomish progressive Dave Somers, Jeff Sax supporters are going around the county slapping "Gay Endorsed" stickers on Somers' yard signs. The Sax campaign has also mailed out and distributed at least six different last-minute pieces containing lies, lies...and more lies. Sax is a GOP shill who caters to developers and is pro-sprawl.

He's a sleazy creature, and a hypocrite. Sax is currently under criminal investigation for leaking confidential documents, not to mention the fact that he was caught building a house without a permit.

Snohomish County voters have an opportunity tomorrow to kick Sax out of office and bring Somers back to the council. Sax is an embarrassment to Snohomish County. He has to go. If you're a Snohomish resident, be sure to cast your ballot for Dave Somers. And tell ChairmanVance and his minions to knock it off by following this link.

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