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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

First round of results are in

912 is narrowly being defeated - hooray. 330 is losing, 900 is winning (as expected), 336 is losing, and 901 is winning (as expected).

We're winning in surprising places, like Thurston and Kitsap counties, and we're neck and neck in other key places like Piece and Clark.

We're winning our strongholds (like San Juan and King) by huge margins. And where we're losing, we're not losing big. It's close. Very close at this point.

UPDATE: Christine Gregoire has just introduced Ron Sims upstairs at the other party. She gave him a wonderful introduction; Sims was flattered. He's giving a rousing speech now. Sims is holding steady at 51% to Irons at 43%.

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