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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Finkbeiner resigns as Senate minority leader

Via the AP:
Senate Minority Leader Bill Finkbeiner announced Tuesday that he would no longer lead the Senate Republican Caucus, opting for more time with his family and his graduate studies at the University of Washington.

Finkbeiner, of Kirkland, said that after starting his evening MBA program three months ago, he realized he was no longer able to dedicate the time necessary to being leader.

"It takes almost twice as much time to be leader as it does to do my Senate responsibilities," said Finkbeiner, who said he plans to seek re-election to his 45th District seat next year.


Finkbeiner said there could be an election as early as next week to replace him.

"It was a difficult decision," he said. "It was really a privilege to have this position. I enjoyed every minute of it."
Finkbeiner denies it, but you have to wonder whether he was forced out by peer pressure after all. A few of his colleagues certainly wanted him replaced. We certainly do not want him to continue representing the 45th District (where NPI is headquartered). The 45th should be represented by a Democrat.

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