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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

An evening with Darcy Burner and Gov. Locke

There was a wonderfully nice reception this evening for Darcy Burner, who is running against Dave Reichert to represent the 8th Congressional District. Former Governor Gary Locke was the special guest of honor and did a fabulous job introducing Darcy. Governor Locke spoke about the importance of restoring a sense of optimism in America that the Bush administration has managed to take away.

He also underlined the importance of investing in quality education that will allow America to remain a world leader in the 21st century. Locke reminded us that we are moving into a new era, and we have an opportunity to put the United States back on the right track if we can bring about a change of leadership at the federal level.

Gov. Locke also reminded us of Dave Reichert's uncomfortably close ties to Tom Delay, and Reichert's dismal voting record.

For her part, Darcy talked about how vital it will be to win the 8th District because the 8th District represents one of the fifteen best opportunities around the country to take back the House of Representatives. In order to win back the House, she noted, we must defeat at least fifteen Republican incumbents.

Darcy also talked about why she's running: because our country is in serious trouble and we need to change direction. Darcy is running because she wants to ensure that we give the next generation a brighter future, that we offer quality education and healthcare to every American, and that we get leadership that will not leave any citizen behind or forgotten.

Learn more about Darcy's campaign by visiting her website.

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