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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Congratulations and thank you....

I want to take this moment to thank everyone else who joined me in working so hard to fight Initiative 912:

DAVID GOLDSTEIN and STEVE ZEMKE, who provided me with invaluable, indispensable advice and helped direct the course of Washington Defense.

GREG RODRIGUEZ, who has served as our Treasurer since August, for advising me on not only financial matters, but also on campaign strategy. He was also very helpful in getting our orange diamond signs for us. Thanks for volunteering to help us from the bottom of my heart, Greg.

DANIEL KIRKDORFFER of On the Road to 2008. Day after day, week after week, Dan joined me in pounding home the message on 912 that nobody else did. He was relentless in his coverage, especially hit outstanding "Focus..." series.

LYNN ALLEN, BRIAN MORAN, DARRYL, JIMMY and all the other progressive bloggers who helped fight the good fight against I-912. Many of our fellow bloggers came out to join me a couple weeks ago at our Alaskan Way Viaduct demonstration. My thanks to you for coming out in the cold to join me.

And thanks to our friends at Keep Washington Rolling, Identity Clark County, and all the other groups who came together to fight I-912. We all poured our time, money and energy into defeating this, and it paid off - big time.

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