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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Working hard

Haven't had a lot of time to blog recently because we're so busy working on a number of different projects.

What's in the works?

First, Pacific Northwest Portal will soon be getting another update - it's about time. This update will be the most substantial package of changes since the launch of "True Blue" last July 20th. It won't be a massive overhaul but it will be important - important enough to have its own codename.

The "Marine Green" Update, or Version 3.5, should be ready within the next couple of weeks or so, certainly by the end of October, but probably before then! We'll let you know more as the launch date approaches.

Second, NPI is working on its endorsements for the 2005 general election, which we will begin releasing soon. Endorsements for ballot measures will be released first, followed by endorsements for candidates in local and state races.

Third, we're devoting significant resources to fighting Initiative 912 and also Initiative 900. You can learn more about those efforts by clicking on the respective links. Our big priority, however, is on Initiative 912. There's only about a month left until election day, and there's a lot to be done.

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