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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Irons: Passing I-912 would be "a tragedy"

Finally, a Republican candidate is willing to make some firm comments and go on the record against this awful initiative instead of being silent or wishy-washy:
Republican King County executive candidate David Irons was quick to respond to a recent Post-Intelligencer editorial calling on elected officials in his party to take a firm public stance on Initiative 912, which would repeal the recent gas-tax increase at the cost of billions of dollars in highway work and thousands of jobs.

"After reading your paper's editorial," Irons e-mailed us, "I obviously have not succeeded in reaching everyone on the importance of defeating I-912. Transportation is a cornerstone of my campaign and passing I-912 would be a tragedy to our community."

In a subsequent telephone interview, Irons reiterated that he has been "consistent" on the issue. "I oppose I-912, for a litany of reasons," said Irons. He also says he's encountering more people who understand the negative implications of the initiative.

We welcome Iron's clear reiteration of his opposition to I-912. We continue our challenge to elected officials in both Republican and Democratic parties to be outspoken and unequivocal in their opposition to what would be a giant step backward on building and maintaining the state's highway and ferry systems.

Republicans especially might value being in the good company of such leading businesses as Microsoft, Weyerhaeuser and the Seattle Mariners, all of whom urge voters to reject I-912. Traditionally, big business has written big checks to GOP campaigns. Incumbent Republicans might wonder if business will continue to underwrite politicians who undercut the state's economic health.
Applause to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer for keeping the pressure on. It's good to see that David Irons has clarified his position on I-912. He adamantly opposes it - as he should, if he has any hope whatsoever of becoming King County Executive.

A few other Republicans have also had the courage to come out against Initiative 912. The Mainstream Republicans of Washington have already endorsed NO on the initiative, and Jimmy from McCranium tells us about Benton County Commissioner Leo Bowman, a Republican who has come out strongly against this terrible proposal.

Dino Rossi and Mike it's your turn. Washington State wants to know where you stand on I-912. You can't be a leader if you're a coward. Do you care about the future of Washington State or not?

Dino, how is it possible to champion a "Forward Washington" agenda if you support an initiative that moves Washington backwards? Why don't you come out and denounce this initiative? You do believe in a solid transportation infrastructure - or don't you?

Mike McGavick? Where do you stand? All we know is that Safeco has donated at least $1,000 to NO on 912 efforts.

Last spring, Joel Connelly asked you about I-912, and all you would say was that the Alaskan Way Viaduct and the SR 520 are important assets that you're "focused on" and you also said, "I personally have been voting no on every referendum that comes along, because I don't think that's how we ought to be governed."

That's not good enough, Mike. We want a clearer answer.

As David Irons has learned, you can't run and hide on important issues. Sooner or later, it catches up with you. Duck diving on transportation in Washington State is unacceptable.

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