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Thursday, October 06, 2005


I've had enough.

I've had enough of the anti-tax rhetoric, the trashing of state government, the bashing of Governor Christine Gregoire, the jeering at state lawmakers, and the whining about the lack of accountability in government - which is a myth.

I'm sick of people like John Carlson and Kirby Wilbur pontificating about a "defective" transportation package they don't even understand.

I'm fed up with anti-tax zealots in Eastern Washington who blather on and on about how all the money is going to Seattle, or to I-5. We've been propping these discontented people up for years with a gushing fountain of state money and they aren't even grateful.

I'm disgusted at the greedy, self-centered attitude that proponents of I-912 exhibit. They'd rather have an extra latte every month than safe roadways and bridges to drive on, secured with guardrails and medians.

I am outraged that they think tax cuts are more important than human lives. I am appalled that they think the Alaskan Way Viaduct can just be repaired for a few million dollars. They want to do everything on the cheap. If these kind of people had been running the state back in the middle of the last century, projects like the viaduct and the floating bridge would have never even happened.

I am offended that these anti-tax zealots will work so hard to try and undo the gas tax, but don't seem to complain that oil companies are making huge profits off the high cost of gasoline. They'd rather shut off government spending on transportation, which directly benefits all Washingtonians, then crack down on the oil barons running companies like ExxonMobil and ChevronTexaco.

I am TIRED of their misinformation. Their lies. Their misleading and deceitful propoganda. Their unjustified attacks. Their attempts to paint us as hysterics. The double standard is incredible.

I have had it!

I am angry that, year after year, these government-haters continue to swindle voters into voting their pocketbook instead of their hearts and minds. I will do everything in my power to defeat Initiative 912.

I will fight back with the truth. I will appeal to my fellow citizens to use logic. I will lay the situation out plainly. I will explain the consequences. I will point to the disaster on the Gulf Coast and other disasters, showing what can happen to a society that ignores investing in solid infrastructure.

And I'm not alone.

I got involved in politics over three years ago because I couldn't stand not doing anything to fight the anti-tax initiatives any more. When I first became involved, I knew no one. But that has changed.

I know a lot of people now. A lot of good people, who share the same sentiments I do. People who, like myself, genuinely believe in a better future and better government. A better society.

Many people I've met - including people who were friends of mine before I became involved politically - are now part of NPI. And I know each and every one of them will join me in doing all they can to defeat Initiative 912.

We aim to defeat this persistent attitude of cynicism towards government that conservatives do their best to spread. We will roll it back.

We're redoubling - no wait, make that requadrupling - our effort to see Initiative 912 come crashing down in flames.

Working with hundreds and even thousands of other concerned volunteers across Washington State, we will connect with as many voters as we can.

It's time to fight Initiative 912.

Join us. Here's one simple thing you can do: add a green button to your blog or website and link to Washington Defense.

Visitors to Washington Defense can donate money to help the grassroots effort, sign up to volunteer directly, download and print materials, and review crucial information, including the list of projects that would be gutted.

Join us. Make a commitment to fight Initiative 912. All it takes to get started is that simple green button. If you care about the future of Washington State, take action.

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