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Monday, October 03, 2005

Allan Prell speaks to BlatherWatch

A must read post from BlatherWatch:
I want to stay on the radio. I want to stay on the radio in Seattle. I feel more at home here after less than one year than 30 years on the East Coast.. Never have I enjoyed working with a group of folks as much as those at 710 KIRO, especially in the programming, news, and production departments. There is no producer better than Ann Wog. And the program director who fired me, I consider to be one of my best friends.

On September 21, one day after my birthday, I was called into the program director's office and told, "We're pulling the plug on the Allan Prell Show." I was shocked, but not surprised. After all this is radio, where going one day without being fired is a day filled with sunshine. Three reasons were sighted for this precipitous action.
Allan Prell writes a lengthy letter explaining how his show got canceled and what his future plans are.

Read thw whole thing.

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