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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Take Back WA-08: Vote Online for Darcy Burner

Democracy for America is holding an online "House Vote" to determine which congressional candidate will receive their first DFA-List endorsement of 2006.

The vote is open to all challengers and open seat candidates. The candidate with the most votes at the end of balloting will receive a DFA-List endorsement and a national e-mail from DFA's Chair Jim Dean.

Darcy Burner is one of the candidates on the ballot. Darcy is kicking off her campaign to challenge Rep. Dave Reichert, who was just elected last November to represent the 8th District.

Darcy is mounting a strong campaign to take back the 8th, and we urge you to vote for her at DFA Online. She's currently in 9th Place, a candidate from California has the lead. Let's see if we can move Darcy up to the top spot!

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