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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Primary election update - more returns in

King County: 70% of precincts have been counted. Ron Sims is now at about 70% and his showing continues to improve. In District 1 of King County, Bob Ferguson has seized the lead from Carolyn Edmonds. He now has the lead at 51.09%.

In the 9th District, Reagan Dunn has retained his lead over Steve Hammond as results have come in, although his lead has narrowed slightly. Dunn is at 56.37% now.

In the Port Commission races, John Creighton's lead over Lawrence Molloy has mostly stayed the same at 49%. Molloy will be in for a tough fight in the general election and will need all the help he can gets. In the race for the open seat, one of our endorsed candidates, Lloyd Hara, has captured the lead at 26.37%. Our other endorsed candidate, Peter Coates, is in fourth place right now and it doesn't appear he'll make it to the general election. It'll be Hara vs. Berkowitz.

In the Position 4 race, Jack Jolley is at 28%, while incumbent Pat Davis is at 46%. Sue Rahr is handily dispatching her two opponents, Schmidt and Fuda, who currently have 17% each against Rahr's 64%.

Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels is winning with 56% of the vote, and Al Runte, his top challenger, is at 22% right now.

Seattle City Council races: Jan Drago has the lead in her race with about 46% of the vote, and her challenger appears to be Casey Corr, who came in second. Richard Conlin is winning his race with 49% of the vote, his challenger will be Paige Miller. Right now, Richard McIver is leading both of his challengers with 37% of the vote, Dwight Pelz is in second with 33% and will likely be his challenger.

Monorail board: Incumbents are getting slammed. Cindi Laws is losing to challenger Beth Goldberg - Goldberg has 46% to Laws' 31%. Cleve Stockmeyer and Dick Falkenbury are splitting the pro-monorail camp in two - challenger Jim Nobles, a Republican who wants to shut the monorail down, is leading both with 40%. Stockmeyer is currently in second with 34% and will likely be facing off with Nobles in the general election.

Snohomish County: For county council, the latest returns have Suzanne Smith winning over Marian Harrison. Also, Dave Somers is winning in his race.

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