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Saturday, September 17, 2005

NPI releases endorsements for Snohomish County primary races

NPI is pleased today to announce our endorsements in the 2005 Primary for Snohomish County.

  • Snohomish County Council, 1st District: Marian Harrison
  • Snohomish County Council, 4th District: Dave Gossett
  • Snohomish County Council, 5th District: Dave Somers

  • Bothell City Council, Position #3: Del Spivey
  • Mayor of Lynnwood: Dan Gough
  • Lynnwood City Council Position #2: Mark Smith
  • Snohomish City Council Position #6: Liz Loomis
Click on the above links (Democratic or Nonpartisan Ballots) to go to that page and read our statements concerning each endorsement, as well as find links to the endorsed candidates' websites, plus see other notable endorsements the candidate has received.

And a reminder that NPI has also released endorsements for King County primary races:

  • King County Executive: Ron Sims
  • King County Council, 1st District: Carolyn Edmonds
  • King County Council, 2nd District: Larry Gossett
  • King County Council, 4th District: Larry Phillips
  • King County Council, 5th District: Julia Patterson
  • King County Council, 7th District: Geni Hawkins
  • King County Council, 8th District: Dow Constantine
  • King County Council, 9th District: Shirley A. Gaunt-Smith

  • King County Sheriff: Sue Rahr
  • Seattle Port Commission #1: Lawrence Molloy
  • Seattle Port Commission #3: Lloyd Hara or Peter Coates
  • Seattle Port Commission #4: Jack Jolley
  • Court of Appeals, Position #2: Susan Randolph Agid
  • City of Renton Municipal Court Judge: Terry Jurado
  • City of Seattle Mayor: Greg Nickels
  • Seattle City Council, Position #2: Richard Conlin
  • Seattle City Council, Position #4: Jan Drago
  • Seattle City Council, Position #8: Richard McIver or Dwight Pelz

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