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Monday, September 26, 2005

Ferguson extends lead over Edmonds

The latest numbers aren't so good for Carolyn. We're disappointed:

Bob Ferguson - 13212 votes - 52.02%
Carolyn Edmonds - 12142 votes - 47.81%

The difference is now 1070 votes. It's unlikely that Carolyn Edmonds will be able to top that, but we'll see what happens as the tally gets updated again in the days to come. It seems we're going to get stuck with a maverick who is going to jeopardize the Democratic majority on the council.

Carolyn Edmonds was and still is a real workhorse. She was supported by colleagues from Seattle because they know how hard she works on the council. Bob Ferguson is an impressive campaigner, but not an impressive councilmember.

We'd rather have someone who governs better, but as progressives well know, you can't govern unless you win elections. Republicans are good at winning elections and terrible at governing. We have to become better at winning elections so we can transition to good governance.

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