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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Cantwell looking good in latest poll

Kos, if you're going to cover the Pacific NW, you should really link to one or more of the NW bloggers...nobody covers local politics like we do. Better yet, link to the Portal, which provides access to all of them.

Here's what he posted today:
Strategic Vision (R). 9/19-21. MoE 3% (8/5-7 results)


Cantwell (D) 49 (46)
McGavick (R) 39 (38)

Cantwell is a hair under the 50 percent "vulnerable" mark, but this is a partisan Republican poll. Cantwell is in good shape.
We agree - Cantwell isn't looking too shabby. She can't take her reelection likely, though. Here's what Stategic Vision has for her job performance:
Do you approve or disapprove of Senator Maria Cantwell's job performance?
Approve 48%
Disapprove 37%
Undecided 15%
Again, not too bad. She definitely should do a better job of reaching out to voters. She has to seem more accessible. People have to feel like they have some kind of connection to her.

She'll succeed if Washingtonians can relate to her and establish a good relationship. It's all about accessibility. Her work fighting Enron and defending the Snohomish PUD is a good start.

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