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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Brilliant - Activists park mobile sign outside of Grover Norquist's office

From Kos:
The billboard created by Working Assets and the League of Independent Voters -- and inspired and funded by the DailyKos community -- landed on Grover Norquist's doorstep at 1920 L St. this morning just in time for his infamous weekly "Wednesday meeting" of the conservative elite.

Sign parked outside of Norquist's office

What a terrific idea for a stunt! The sign was brilliant - but this is a top notch effort to get media attention. This was beautifully done.

The mobile billboard isn't finished, either. Here's where it's tenatively going next:

1) Republican National Committee
2) American Enterprise Institute
3) The Federalist Society
4) Heritage Foundation
5) Cato Institute
6) Up and down "K" Street, back and forth… forever.
7) The Washington Post
8) Capitol Hill congressional offices (security pending) of Tom DeLay, John Cornyn, Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Rick Santorum (and other elected reps suggested by Kossacks in this thread)
9) Washington Nationals vs. San Francisco Giants baseball game (at RFK Stadium, 4:35 pm EST)
10) "Blogging: Free Press for All or Free-for-All?" panel discussion as part of the National Archives' Constitution Day activities (7 pm)

and… two super-secret (dare I say "double-secret") bonus locations that we'll reveal late on Thursday morning.


Meanwhile, here's where "The Grover" will be roving over the weekend:

Northern Virginia locations to be determined (got suggestions? post them in the comments!)

On the periphery of the 9/24 anti-war protest as it passes by the White House (unfortunately, trucks won't be allowed in the march)

Outside NBC's "Meet the Press" headquarters (where MTP guests are interviewed by other media following their appearances)
(also considering a mega-church in Arlington, VA, that many conservative elites attend)
Go to the Kos thread to suggest where you think the truck should go!

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