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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Why Brian Maloney won't shut up

It's been almost two weeks now since wingnut blogger and former disgraced KVI/KIRO radio host Brian Maloney began posting to his blog, accusing the people at Air America Radio of being involved in a scandal whereby they "ripped off" poor children.

Since that first post days ago, Maloney has rarely put up a post that doesn't deal with attacking Air America Radio.

Maloney and fellow wingnuts Michelle Malkin, Hugh Hewitt, and others are really excited because they think they're on to a story that will lead to the demise of Air America Radio, which they hope to see fall into an abyss and forever disappear.

The "scandal" involves about a half million dollars in government grant money for a Bronx Girls and Boy's Club (named Gloria Wise) alleged to have been invested in Progress Media by Charles Rosen - the leader of Gloria Wise.

He was talked into the loan by Progress Media's founding chairman and main investor Evan Cohen, who was also serving as the development director for Gloria Wise.

Looking at Cohen's history, it's obvious that he is not only a liar, but also a scammer, a con artist - and apparently, a Republican as well. His involvement with the network ceased in May of 2004 after a reorganization in which other investors bought out Cohen and formed a new entity, Piquant LLC.

(For a further history of Air America Radio and now defunct Progress Media, see this Wikipedia article)

Maloney and his fellow wingnuts have gotten excited recently because New York city investigators and now Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's office are looking into the loan from Gloria Wise to the now defunct Progress Media, which was inappropriate and a misuse of the club's funds.

Maloney and his fellow wingnuts are trying to pin what happened directly onto Air America Radio and its current owner, Piquant LLC, hoping to bring the network crashing down because of what Evan Cohen did.

A week ago, Mahablog investigated what Maloney and his fellow wingnuts were doing in a post entitled, How to Fake News: A Primer.

The new owners of Air America say they are under no legal obligation to pay back funds to Gloria Wise, but have agreed to do so anyway.

The people who run Air America Radio now are good people, and they feel bad about what happened to Gloria Wise as a result of Evan Cohen's activities. Of course, wingnuts like Brian Maloney probably aren't familar with the concept of doing a good turn.

Piquant has a problem, however: because Gloria Wise has essentially collapsed, it needs to know where to send the money to.

City investigators have recommended that Piquant's payments be placed into an escrow account that no one could touch without their approval.

According to the New York Post, "the first payment of $50,000 was made yesterday, and it was deposited into an escrow account controlled by Air America's lawyer."

City investigators, according to the New York Post (a publication that doesn't enjoy a stellar reputation with us) are unhappy with this move.

It's unclear where this is going and what will happen next. However, we will be talking to Air America to get a better understanding of what is going on.

But we know better than to place any trust whatsoever in people like Maloney, Malkin, and Hewitt, whose mission seems to be "search and destroy". Search for anything that could make Air America look bad and then manipulate that information in an attempt to destroy the network.

Maloney isn't even trying to hide his agenda:
Many have asked that question in recent days, wondering if Franken & Co. could actually face real consequences. Not just legally, but in terms of public image, as they take self-inflicted beating after beating.

A fresh example of success from St. Louis, however, proves Air America's real fate may be in your hands.

Are you willing to see this through? It's going to take an ongoing, noisy, stubborn pressure campaign if there's any hope of seeing justice served at the liberal talk radio network.


Are you ready to keep up the pressure on Franken & Co.? It's a question for radio listeners, bloggers and industry professionals. At the moment, Air America's on the run, but wondering just how long they'll have to wait until conservatives let it blow over.

Air America's scandal story was slow to build and there is much more yet to be revealed. The question: will you help see it through?

Letting go means letting Franken's cabal win. Is that tolerable, given the severity of the circumstances?
The ultimate goal: no more Air America Radio.

Conservatives are giving Brian Maloney a lot of attention - attention that he's clearly enjoying. At the bottom of almost every post he makes, Brian writes this:
Your Amazon orders that originate with clicks here, help to support the Radio Equalizer's efforts. It doesn't matter what you buy as long as the first click came from here.
Brian Maloney is profiting from all the attention conservatives are giving him for attacking Air America Radio. Money, attention, power. That's why Brian Maloney won't shut up. He's enjoying and profiting from this.

Brian has no interest in truth, justice, or fairness...even if he and others claim they do, they don't. They want to see Air America shut down. It's a threat to them. They hate the fact that it even exists.

The Republican Noise Machine is filled with liars and people who blow stories out of proportion. Just read David Brock's books and you'll get an idea of what we're talking about.

We'll have more to say after we get a clearer understanding from Piquant.

We have faith in Piquant and Air America and believe their intentions to make up for what Evan and Charles did are genuine, even if they don't have to. Brian can keep blathering on, but he is not going to succeed in shutting down the Air America Radio network.

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