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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

KCDCC Executive Board Endorsements Meeting

The King County Democratic Central Committee held an executive board meeting this evening at which endorsements were considered. The following are endorsements approved at this evening's meeting for the primary (and some for the general) election:

Nominating Convention Endorsements
The KCDCC voted to concur with the precinct committee officers' decisions in last June's nominating convention. Here again are the winners of the nominating convention held on June 28th:

  1. Ron Sims, King County Executive
  2. Bob Ferguson, 1st District (defeated Carolyn Edmonds)
  3. Larry Gossett, 2nd District (incumbent)
  4. No nominee chosen - 3rd District
  5. Larry Phillips, 4th District (incumbent, current Council Chair)
  6. Julia Patterson, 5th District (incumbent)
  7. No nominee chosen - 6th District
  8. Geni Hawkins, 7th District (challenger)
  9. Dow Constantine, 8th District (incumbent)
  10. Roger Larson, 9th District (challenger)
One note: Roger Larson dropped out of the 9th District race.

Acclamation Ballot Endorsements
The Acclamation Ballot consisted of one named candidate in every race that was believed to be uncontested in terms of party support, and candidates on the ballot had turned in a completed KCDCC questionnaire five days prior to the meeting.

The Acclamation Ballot was easily passed by the delegates. Those endorsed:

  1. NO on Initiative 912
  2. Shirley Gaunt-Smith, Position 9 (replacing Roger Larson)
  3. Lawrence Molloy, Port of Seattle, Position 1
  4. Thomas Carr, City of Seattle Attorney
  5. Nick Licata, Seattle City Council Position 6
  6. Sue Blazak, Burien City Council Position 1
  7. Joan McGuilton - Burien City Council Position 3
  8. Eric Benjamin, Mayor of Duvall
  9. Dan Hubbell, Newcastle City Council Position 5
  10. Cindy Rye, Shoreline City Council Position 5
  11. Helen Stanwell, Federal Way School Board
  12. Michael DeBell, Seattle Public School Board Position 4
Master Contested Ballot
The Master Contested Ballot consisted of all candidates known to have some party support. Candidates must have turned in a completed KCDCC questionnaire five days prior to the meeting in order to be considered.

The winners:

  1. No endorsement - King County Sheriff
  2. Peter Coates and Lloyd Hara, dual endorsement for Port of Seattle Position 3
  3. Jack Jolley, Port of Seattle Position 4
  4. Greg Nickels, Mayor of Seattle
  5. Richard Conlin, Seattle City Council Position 2
  6. Jan Drago, Seattle City Council Position 4
  7. Dwight Pelz, Seattle City Council Position 8
  8. Stephen Lamphear, Burien City Council Position 5
  9. Cheryl Chow, Seattle Public School Board Position 7
  10. No endorsement, Seattle Public School Board Position 5
  11. David Tracy, Federal Way Municipal Court
  12. Mychal Schwartz, Renton Municipal Court
  13. Cindi Laws, Seattle Popular Monorail Authority Position 8
  14. Cleve Stockmeyer, Seattle Popular Monorail Authority Position 9
  15. Hank Thomas, Mayor of Issaquah
So there you have it - the King County Democrats' Executive Board endorsements for the primary and general elections. (There will be another endorsement meeting for endorsements in the general election).

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