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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Vote in Best of Seattle Contest

Fellow progressives: There’s still time to vote in the Seattle Weekly’s poll for “Best of Seattle”. You only have a few days though - the contest ends next Monday.

Help us spread awareness of the progressive blogging community in this area by voting in these categories:

3. Best local talk radio host: David Goldstein
8. Best local website: Pacific Northwest Portal
9. Best local blog:
11. Best activist/hell raiser: David Goldstein
14. Best scandal: Dino Rossi’s meritless election contest
15. Best local cause: ending homelessness
16. Best reform we need: a state income tax
42. Best fish market: Tim Eyman

Those who complete at least 10 categories will be included in the Weekly's prize drawing. First prize is dinner for two at Seattle's Earth & Ocean restaurant.

You do not have to live in Seattle or even in Washington State to vote, but you do need to submit some personal information - such as your address, a phone number, email address - which is used for verification purposes.

Again, here's the link.

Please be sure to vote for Pacific Northwest Portal as the best local website. Don't put the url Just put down "Pacific Northwest Portal".

Fill in the categories just as they appear above so the vote counters won't get confused.

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