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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Reviews Are Coming In...

So what are people saying about the new Pacific Northwest Portal Version 3.0? Here's just a few responses:

From BlatherWatch: "Pacific Northwest Portal, the one-stop for progressive political news, weather and sports for Washington, Oregon and Idaho has today launched the spanking new and improved Version 3.0. It features regional and national political news wires, and 156 progressive blogs. They've syndicated seven new blogs--BlatherWatch is proud to be one of them. Congratulations to the others who include Progressive Majority Washington, CoolAqua, Blue Washington; The American Street, Economist's View, and Radical Noesis. The Portal is where BlatherWatch eats its breakfast every morning -- you must go there at once."

From Washblog: "The good folks over at NWProgressive have made numerous upgrades to their premier web portal, the NWPortal. So much so, they have revision numbers and document the changes..."

From Progressive Majority Washington: "Pacific Northwest Portal has again revamped and upgraded its design, and Version 3.0 launched today. The new Pacific Northwest Portal is sleeker, faster, and more reliable than the previous version, and includes eight new blogs to the syndicate including Progressive Majority Washington (whoohoo!, although we are on the second page of Washington blogs). The directory now includes 156 progressive blogs from Washington, Oregon and Idaho..."

From Also Also: "Another milestone for NW Portal, the Northwest's premier clearinghouse of progressive voices from the Pacific Northwest: version 3.0 has been launched, nicknamed "True Blue." In many ways it looks much the same as it has before, but the interface is cleaner, the RSS feeds improved, and there are some new features that are quite helpful. In particular, I like the improved toolkit, which has traffic cams, business reports and weather. The state Democratic Party website links are also helpful as resources for activism/journalism. But my favorite part might be the new "Oregon Ticker" on the extended state page...."

From Daily Kos user nudger: "Northwest Portal is becoming an important go-to site for progressives here. In Washington State, we have a blue oasis in the national red sea where we are doing at a state level what we'd like to see at a national level - reasonable environmental legislation, improvements in the lives of working people, thinking about the future. Consequently we've got a giant target on our chests. NWPortal provides us a place to learn from each other, support each other, urge each other on, and share where we can best focus our energy. The local blogoshere is the place to build the base. That's why it's so important."

We'll continue to add more as we spot them.

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