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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Governor releases statement on London attacks

Statement from the Governor's office

OLYMPIA - July 7, 2005 - Gov. Christine Gregoire today extended her condolences to the people of London who suffered multiple, coordinated attacks on their city. The governor visited London last month on her first trade mission. She said:

"Today my thoughts and prayers, and those of my family and six million Washingtonians, are with the people of London. On September 11, 2001, the people of Great Britain stood with us in our hour of terror. Today we stand with them. We are united by a common grief and a common purpose to make the world a safer place.

"I have been informed by authorities that at this time there we do not have any specific intelligence indicating that this type of attack is planned against the United States. General Tim Lowenberg, chief of Washington's National Guard and director of the state's military department, has briefed me and continues to monitor developments and information coming from Homeland Security and Great Britain. He will keep me updated throughout the day. I am confident that all reasonable precautions are being taken toprotect the people of Washington."

"With freedom comes responsibility. I call on my fellow Washingtonians to go about their daily lives with a heightened sense of vigilance."

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