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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

White House Lawyer Tampered With Global Warming Data

In a recent turn of events, a discovery was made that Philip Cooney, a White House lawyer and the chief of staff for the White House Council on Environmental Quality, was guilty of tampering with global warming data issued in climate reports.

As an editor, Cooney was said to have tampered with the reports to downplay the significance of the effects of global warming on the planet.

This news comes from whistleblower Rick Piltz, who worked for Cooney before quitting his job due to the alleged tampering. As always, the White House denied that Cooney did anything of the sort.

Of course, the Bush administration has long been in the habit of denying bad news. They claim that Cooney is innocent of any wrongdoing, but it's very suspicious that Cooney's previous occupation was with the petroleum industry.

Of course, this kind of denial (when most factors seem to be pointing the other way) mirrors Dick Cheney's repeated denial of wrongdoing on the part of Halliburton, but what can you expect when the White House's environmental agenda is to make it easier for the petroleum industry to drill wherever they want?

Then again, this story does indeed explain why global warming seems like not such a big deal after all. It's about time that we speak out on the issue and expose more people like Cooney to the public for who they really are.

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