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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Volunteer to stop I-912

To help stop the shortsighted Initiative 912 and the disinformation campaign that will stifle our economic recovery and put our loved ones at risk, volunteer today!

Contact the Keep Washington Rolling volunteer coordinator by getting in touch with us here.

Want cities and counties to fix potholes on your street?


Say NO to I-912.

Want Eastern Washington cherry and apple orchard owners to get their fruit to market before it rots?

Say NO to I-912.

Want 157 bridges throughout Washington to be seismically retrofitted to prevent them from toppling in an earthquake?

Say NO to I-912.

After months of study and much compromise to address the state's most pressing transportation hazards, a statewide transportation package was passed with bipartisan support in both chambers of the Legislature this year.

The prudent and publicly accountable package gives funding to local governments to address road safety in your neighborhood.

It also targets the most dangerous bridges and stretches of highway across the state to help prevent needless highway deaths that are mounting while a disinformation campaign belches out deceitful taxophobic rhetoric that could stop the state’s economic recovery in its tracks.

Business leaders, communities, labor and environmental groups all know that we can no longer wait to address the deteriorating roads and highways that are the arteries of Washington’s economic lifeblood.

The 2005 Transportation Package was created and passed by both Democratic and Republican state lawmakers who took their cues from the biggest state employers down to the nonprofit groups most concerned with preventing traffic fatalities. Washington can’t afford to wait.

“If we don’t fix it, we’ll have an economic heart attack. The longer we wait, the more it will cost in the long run.”

—Steve Mullin, Chairman of the Washington Roundtable, a cooperative of CEOs representing the state’s largest employers.

Get more information at Washington Defense or Keep Washington Rolling.

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