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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

"True Blue" is Coming...

True Blue, our codename for the next big rollout of Pacific Northwest Portal improvements, is fairly close to being completed.

Coming a few days after the six month anniversary of Pacific Northwest Portal, True Blue is the most ambitious package of improvements that we've put together to improve the site.

There are so many changes that the debut of True Blue (no rhyme intended) will really just be the use of a code name to describe Pacific Northwest Portal Version 3.0.

Version 1.0, of course, was the original website, officially launched on January 31st, while Version 2.0 was a big package of improvements we rolled out on February 28th. We've continued to improve the site - mostly adding new pages - but we haven't really made any serious sweeping changes.

That is - until now.

Pacific NW Portal 3.0 will feature a sleeker design and a greatly improved viewing experience. It will be more reliable, it will be faster, and it will boast more features.

Not to mention it will be more comprehensive and easier to use.

The core design element has been retained, and the current look and feel will be improved, not just altered for the sake of change.

We're rolling out these features to improve the site - not to shake things up and get people talking about the website. We're talking about genuine improvements that really do make this website much better.

In the coming days we'll have more details on when we'll be launching True Blue - Pacific Northwest Portal 3.0. Don't miss out - be sure to watch this space!

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