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Monday, June 06, 2005

Time to Celebrate

It's time to celebrate.

Logic and reasoning have prevailed. Judge John Bridges has, as we predicted, torn the GOP's case to shreds. The fraud claim was shot down. The allegations of ballot stuffing - shot down. The "statistical analysis" - shot down. The judge ripped apart the Republicans' case and declared that it would be "judicial egotism" for him to do what the Republicans wanted.


It's time to celebrate. Governor Christine Gregoire, the rightfully elected Governor of Washington State, will remain our leader.

Many wingnuts were confident that Judge Bridges would rule in their favor - such as Stefan Sharkansky, whose predictions are blown completely out of the water.

Others came to their senses and realized there was no hope, and quietly acknowledged as much. The GOP campaign to install Dino Rossi into the gubernatorial mansion is utterly destroyed - for now. There will be no "revote". Our legally elected Governor will serve out the remainder of the term she deserves to serve and will then face reelection in 2008.

I'm proud of all the progressive bloggers in the Pacific Northwest who have worked together to analyze this case and offer their commentary and opinions on the magnitude of this election contest.

And a huge thanks goes out to Archerhouse, who is representing us well at Daily Kos. Thank you, Archerhouse!

Here's a victory picture showing the reactions from the Democratic lawyers:

Congratulations on a job well done.

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