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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Summary of the KCDCC Winners

The KCDCC convened earlier this evening to try and nominate ten individuals for King County Executive and the offices of nine King County Councilmembers.

First, here's a map to show you the boundary lines of each of the new nine county council districts:

Here's a summary of the people who were approved by delegates as the Democratic nominees for the respective offices:

  1. Ron Sims, King County Executive
  2. Bob Ferguson, 1st District (defeated Carolyn Edmonds)
  3. Larry Gossett, 2nd District (incumbent)
  4. No nominee chosen - 3rd District
  5. Larry Phillips, 4th District (incumbent, current Council Chair)
  6. Julia Patterson, 5th District (incumbent)
  7. No nominee chosen - 6th District
  8. Geni Hawkins, 7th District (challenger)
  9. Dow Constantine, 8th District (incumbent)
  10. Roger Larson, 9th District (challenger)
So, with the exception of the 3rd and 6th districts, the above is the "official" slate of Democratic candidates in King County for the 2005 election.

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