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Monday, June 20, 2005

Keep Washington Rolling - Download flyers

Washington Defense now has flyers available that you can download, print, and distribute to help fight against Initiative 912, the John Carlson/Kirby Wilbur backed effort to repeal the gas tax.

Keep Washington Rolling, which is the larger coalition that has formed to fight Initiative 912, and which we are proud to be part of, has also launched their new website. You can find additional information there, and also find out who else is against Initiative 912.


UPDATE: Apparently, the I-912 proponents are going to court to try and obtain a a restraining order to suspend bond sales until we know whether the initiative has qualified for the ballot. A hearing has been scheduled for July 1st. The campaign has until July 8th to collect signatures. Go to Washington Defense to learn how to fight back against Initiative 912.

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