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Monday, June 06, 2005

Just Over an Hour to Go

We're not very far off from today's 9:00 AM ruling. Everyone seems to be waiting in eager anticipation for the announcement - as we are.

Archerhouse is preparing to go LIVE with his special coverage diary on Daily Kos, and we'll update this blog instantly as news comes in.

Once again, we predict a victory for Christine Gregoire and the Democrats. We believe the election will be upheld and the GOP's claims thrown out.


Judge Bridges issued several pre-trial rulings that made it exceedingly difficult for the Republicans to prevail based on what evidence they presented. First, the judge ruled that Rossi had to be able to prove that he would have won by showing that Christine Gregoire benefited from illegal votes and other irregularities.

Second, the standard for such proof is "clear and "convincing" - a tough standard to meet. Third, voter crediting will not be accepted as evidence of illegal votes, no matter how much Stefan Sharkansky wishes it were.

Judge Bridges would have to reverse his prior rulings to give Rossi a chance of winning. There's no indication that he might reverse himself on any of these rulings.

UPDATE: Right wing news aggregator Orbusmax is predicting that the judge will rule against the GOP. Sharkansky of (un)SoundPolitics continues to predict a win for his side.

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