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Monday, June 27, 2005

Interview with Senator Lisa Brown

Lynn Allen of Evergreen Politics has just posted a great interview with Senator Lisa Brown, who is Democratic Majority Leader in the state Senate (excerpt):
Brown also shared her concern with the possibility of having the anti-gas tax initiative on the ballot and said that this is the place that the Democrats need assistance right now. She said that she and other leaders worked very hard to get support from community leaders, business leaders and labor across all the cities and counties in Washington State for passage of the Transportation Bill.


The whole story about the importance of that bill and its support by such a wide group of people is not getting out. Were that initiative to get on the ballot and pass, it would curtail not only needed spending on transportation projects but also spending in many other areas in the future.
We're doing our best to get your back, Sen. Brown. Check out Washington Defense and Keep Washington Rolling for more on how to fight Initiative 912.

We appreciate Senator Brown's willingess to share her thoughts and reach out to the progressive blogosphere.

We're thankful for her tremendous leadership in the state Senate and her achievements in the last legislative session.

We encourage you to go read the whole interview.

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