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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Eyman's idiotic stunt

NPI has recieved word that Tim Eyman, with the Fagans and multi millionaire Michael Dunmire in tow, showed up at the Secretary of State's office this morning, to deposit 225,000 signatures for I-900.

Eyman was dressed in a gorilla costume and also accompanied by an unidentified cameraman who was taping both Eyman and the press as they watched Eyman cart in signatures.

NPI (and Permanent Defense) Chair Andrew Villeneuve said, "Eyman's idiotic stunt is just another attempt to gain publicity for his ill-concieved initiative, drafted in secret, which unnecessarily expands state bureaucracy and overloads our state with too many performance audits."

He added, "Anyone can buy their way onto the ballot. All it takes is a special interest or a wealthy backer willing to put up the money."

"The initiative process has largely been subverted and hijacked by a tiny minority who seek to use the process for their own gain."

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