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Monday, June 06, 2005

BREAKING: Rossi to end election contest

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Dino Rossi has just announced, in a news conference at his Belleuve headquarters, that he is ending the election contest now, deciding against an appeal to the state Supreme Court.


Rossi said, in part:
"With today's decision, and because of the current political makeup of the Washington State Supreme Court, which makes it almost impossible to overturn this ruling, I am ending the election contest."
So Dino is throwing in the towel. But he isn't doing so because he's accepted Judge Bridges' decision. Rossi is clearly concerned more with the ideology of our judges and justices then he is with the law. It's a thinly-veiled accusation that the state Supreme Court is really just dominated by partisan Democrats. It's also a weak excuse from a man who realizes only now that the law was not on his side.

Click on the link to listen to an audio clip from Rossi's press conference.

David Goldstein of predicted that Rossi would take this course of action earlier today: "The best thing he can do now is figure out a way to back out, and decline to appeal."

And that's exactly what Rossi has done. So it's over at last.

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