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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Yoda Bushisms

In the spirit of Star Wars: Episode II (Revenge of the Sith) here are some Yoda Bushisms (some taken from Daily Kos, some we invented). Just for fun:

Intelligence, you have not.

The very Republic is threatened, if involved the NeoCons are.

Master Rove, more to say have you?

See through you, we can.

Frist is the path to the dark side, Frist leads to anger, Frist leads
to hate. Hates leads to suffering of those who are with us not.

Decided, the NeoCon is. Trained, the army won't be.

Troubled, he is. Wrapped in shadows and lies.

Poland, you forgot.

Limits to freedom, there ought to be.

Weapons of mass destruction, I'm looking for.

On it bring !!!!

Believe, or do not believe. There is no think.

Coexist peacefully, human being and fish, they can.

On the march, democracy is.

Military size matters not. Look in Iraq at us. Judge us by our size, do

Wars make one indeed great.

Ready are you? What know you of

Yes, a patriot's strength flows from the Almighty. But beware of the
elitist liberals.

Blind we are, if creation of this clone Osama we could not see.

"Mentioned did I, that quit drinking alcohol I did in 1986. Know this, many of you do. The right decision it was, so make it I did."

"Resourceful our enemies are, and so are we. Stop they will never, and go to great lengths they will to destroy our people and country. Neither will we."

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