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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Read my column in the Seattle P-I

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about Tim Eyman's successful penetration of the state's op-ed pages in "Tim's multi-paper column spree".

Today, yours truly is delivering a response to one of those



In my column this morning, "Eyman out to destroy representative democracy", I talk about Eyman's history of crafting poorly written initiatives that wipe out large portions of funding for our public services - both local and statewide.

I also bring up the issue of home rule, which was a major theme in the NO on I-776 campaign, which I worked on as the Chair of Permanent Defense back in 2002. Here's the bottom line:
The initiative process -- and direct democracy -- is nothing today like what its founders envisioned it to be. Special interests have hijacked the process for their own political gain, bypassing the citizen-elected Legislature and public input, to craft poorly written, self-serving proposals designed to appeal to voters' pocketbooks while downplaying the consequences. Eyman is no exception.
Today, Permanent Defense is a major part of the Northwest Progressive Institute, and continues its mission of fighting Eyman, working for real tax reform, and promoting the value of public services.

I remain at its helm today, continuing my original activism against Tim Eyman, though I have expanded my focus with the founding of NPI in August 2003.

I'm pleased to represent the voices of thousands of Eyman opponents statewide who are disgusted with initiatives that have wiped out untold billions in funding for public services.

With your help, we will remain vigorously opposed to Eyman and his campaign to destroy representative democracy.

Please read the column and pass it along to all of your friends.

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