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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Portal Update: New Toolkit Section

As many of you know, we're always working to improve Pacific Northwest Portal, and today is just our latest update in a long (and apparently never-ending) series of updates to build you a better website.

Here's an overview of what we've changed:
  • Syndication Change. One of our original members of the syndicate, Chris Struble of BrightMind, is leaving Idaho. He's asked us to take his blog out of syndication, and we've obliged. We hope Chris stays in the Pacific Northwest so we can add his blog to either the Washington or Oregon columns when he settles into his new home. To replace BrightMind, though, we've selected The Unequivocal Notion, which has joined three of its peers on our main page representing Idaho.
  • Blogs & Websites Directory Update. Yes, we've added more blogs again. We're now at a hundred and twenty liberal/progressive blogs total. We removed a couple of blogs that have been ended by their authors and added another sixteen to our ranks. We also added a couple more links to the "websites" section of the directory - be sure to check this page out!
  • New Toolkit Section. The new Toolkit section is a revamp of the Business section. Now, it includes not just business news, but also traffic & weather together, all on the same page. Get weather conditions and forecast for your local area. Prepare for your commute with our handy traffic cameras, courtesy of state DOTs. The new Toolkit section is all about putting more information at your fingtertips. It's another reason why we are your news & information source for the Pacific Northwest.
  • Other Updates. We also gave the NW Media page a new look, and we updated the Highlights section - plus, we updated the Knowledge Base as well - so be sure to look those pages over.
We feel these changes once again represent significant progress in our never-ending challenge to build you a better website. Tell us what you think of the changes! Post a comment below or click here to contact us. Your feedback is important to us!

UPDATE: Please visit our Reccomended Diary on Daily Kos - Netroots At Work: Building A Regional Community of Progressive Bloggers.

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