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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Democrats identify 743 felon votes

This excerpt from the Times article reveals the latest developments in the case:
Democrats said in court papers yesterday that they've identified 743 felons who voted illegally in the November election.

And in a separate filing in Chelan County Superior Court, Democrats said they've added two academic experts to their legal team to help show that those felons, as well as 946 submitted earlier by Republicans, are more likely to have voted for Republican Dino Rossi than Democratic Gov. Christine Gregoire.

"We know for a fact that nonunion, blue-collar, Caucasian men vote very disproportionately Republican, and when you look at the felon population in the state of Washington, they are overwhelmingly nonunion, blue-collar, male Caucasians," said state Democratic Party Chairman Paul Berendt.
In addition, the state Democrats have a nifty map which provides a visual showing 22 counties where Democrats claim Rossi concealed names of illegal voters (including felon voters) who would have benefited him under his own proportional reduction theory.

The Democrats found additional illegal votes in other counties, in precincts that also voted pro-Rossi. No surprise, of course.

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