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Friday, April 22, 2005

Tim Eyman on life support

There's no grassroots support for I-900 - only a millionaire's cash, Tim Eyman's life support.

The most recent PDC reports continue to show that initiative profiteer Tim Eyman's grassroots support is dead. And an article from the Associated Press confirms it:
Michael Dunmire, 60, a wealthy investment executive from the Seattle suburb of Woodinville, has contributed nearly $240,000 to Eyman’s Initiative 900 and says more could be on the way. The initiative, now circulating for signatures, would require regular performance audits of state agencies and programs.
Since the days of Initiative 776, and after he was exposed as an admitted liar, Tim Eyman has had fundraising problems. He made serious attempts to get on the ballot with I-267, I-807, and I-864 - but failed.

Tim couldn't get on the ballot with "grassroots" support, so he turned to the special interests - the gambling industry - to get him back on the ballot with Initiative 892.

Now Tim has found another special interest - a wealthy conservative named Dunmire - to back his latest ill-conceived idea, Initiative 900, with overloads Washington State with performance audits.

So Initiative 900 is being kept alive by one millionaire who's decided to prop up Tim Eyman and his initiative factory to advance his own agenda.

His lack of support shows that people aren't interested in his proposals, which aren't even drafted with public input.

Eyman is a tool of the special interests. His job is to look after the big guy while pretending he's just another citizen. He's not. He's in this business for himself and his wealthy backers, who are paying him to push their agenda at the expense of Washington State

Voters have clearly sent a message that they didn't want to be swindled by rejecting I-892 by over 60%. But apparently Tim Eyman didn't get the memo. He went out and found another special interest to keep himself alive.

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