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Sunday, April 24, 2005

House passes gas tax increase

From the AP:
The state House passed an $8.5 billion transportation package today, a day after Republicans derailed it.


The measure, which includes a 9.5 cent gas tax hike, passed on a 54-43 vote. It was defeated Saturday when leaders could only muster 45 votes, five shy of the bare minimum needed for passage.

A revote was taken today, and applause broke out on the floor after it was approved.


Good to see that the Legislature is moving us forward on transportation.
Tolls, local taxes and weight fees on cars, light trucks and SUVs also are planned. The full gas tax hike and weight fee would cost motorists between $67 and $172 a year, depending on vehicle size.
The legislation is partly a jab at Tim Eyman. Tim's I-776 killed a lot of transportation funding. Now the legislature is putting some of it back, and Tim's having a cow.

He's already announced a new plan to do another car tab initiative in 2006. Of course, the purpose of such a measure would simply be to gut transportation funding, period. Permanent Defense, of course, will fight this initiative as it has fought every Eyman effort for the last three years.

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