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Friday, April 29, 2005

Exploring the depths of viciousness

David Goldstein (Goldy) of just recently posted this:
This morning I received a phone call from Detective Melinda Wilson


, of the Seattle Police Department’s Internet Crimes unit, investigating allegations that I have repeatedly made “online requests” to “engage in sex with minors.” Apparently, one or two individuals have anonymously made three separate complaints to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children’s (NCMEC) CyberTipline.

I cannot tell you how deeply disappointed I was to receive that call.
This is beyond a doubt, one of the most outrageously vile and despicable acts I have ever heard of.

What kind of people care so little for "moral values"? Apparently, the same people who are continually trying to preach to us about moral values.

Anyone who condones this kind of thing is giving their blessing to the heartless criminals who are so frustrated that they can't express themselves in words that they have resorted to...this.

Here's a nice clip of Goldy's reaction:

There are few crimes more heinous or despicable than molesting children. But it is not the false accusation that offends me most, but rather, that precious resources have been diverted from investigating real crimes against real children… all so that my anonymous accusers could enjoy some sort of petty, political retribution against me for having the gall to speak my mind. In their mad rush to crush dissent, these conscienceless, cowardly brownshirts were even willing to exploit the exploitation of children, making themselves accomplices to the worst sorts of sexual predators.
There are apparently people out there who are so against freedom of speech that they will do anything to stir up trouble for speaking out...whether it be death threats, property damage, or making false accusations about one of the worst crimes imaginable.

The right should speak out to make it clear that they oppose these kind of tactics. Silence from them would be almost paramount to tacit approval of this kind of viciousness.

Have these people no sense of decency?

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