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Saturday, April 23, 2005

The disappointing end of HB 1515


A couple of days ago, the state Senate narrowly approved a procedural move to bring HB 1515 to the floor for a vote - only to see the bill defeated by a 25-24 margin.

The entire Senate Republican caucus (23 senators in all) voted against the bill, joined by two Democrats - Democrat In Name Only Tim Sheldon and Jim Hargrove. Hargrove says he opposed the bill for religious reasons:
“I believe adultery is wrong, I believe sex outside marriage is wrong, I believe homosexuality is wrong. Therefore, I cannot give government protection to this behavior,” Hargrove said.
Jim Hargrove has officially established himself as a complete moron.

It's extremely disappointing that HB 1515 failed. And it's not likely to pass next year, either, for the exact same reason - 25 senators will vote it down again.

If more Democrats can be elected to the state Senate in November 2006, the bill might have a chance in the 2007 legislative session. It's either that or some senators are going to have to be persuaded to change their votes next year.

The message to gays and lesbians is clear: the Republican Party does not think discrimination against you is wrong. It's a shame that the party that considers Lincoln to be its father has adopted this position.

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